Lake Rules


  • Angler’s earliest arrival time – 12.00pm.  If required, a draw will be conducted at 1.00pm.
  • Maximum of 3 rods. (You may pay 50.00 Euros extra to use a 4th rod, even if you choose to do so halfway through the week)
  • No BRAIDED mainlines – Mono/Fluorocarbon mainline only. Minimum breaking strain – 15lbs
  • N.B It is advisable to spool up with new line before you arrive as you are fishing a lake with gravel bottom.
  • No Barbless hooks – MICRO BARBS only.
  • No fixed leads – ‘cut back’ lead clips or ‘drop off’ In-line leads only. (The line must not pass through the lead)
  • No lead core or any type of leaders.
  • Anti-tangle tubing (PVC or Tungsten) MUST be used – ABSOLUTELY no bare line that can damage the carp’s flank or dislodge scales.
  • No bent hook or 360 rigs.
  • There will be frequent checks on rigs and other tackle.
  • All fish are to be weighed, photographed and returned in the swims where they were caught.
  • Please make sure everything is fully prepared for safe unhooking weighing and photography before fish are removed from the water.
  • Weigh slings, unhooking mats will be provided. You must bring your own landing nets which must be 42 inch minimum, and are to be dipped upon arrival. To ensure our fish remain disease free. Buckets for water are provided. Please ensure fish are kept wet at all times.
  • Fish to be kept out of the water for the absolute minimum of time – no extended photo shots.
  • No unattended rods at any time.
  • Bait boats are allowed. (Microcat bait boats and fish finder/echo sounder available for hire – please enquire about prices)
  • No boating or swimming allowed in ANY circumstances.
  • No open BBQ’s or fires allowed. (Covered gas BBQ’s are permitted provided they are not left unattended)
  • No bright lights or loud music.
  • Absolutely NO DRUGS will be tolerated.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption will not be tolerated.
  • All litter to be separated into rubbish or recycling and placed into the bins provided in each swim – cigarette butts to be placed in the special cigarette bins provided.
  • No anglers under 16 years of age without constant adult supervison.
  • Dogs are allowed. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their own dog.
  • Anglers to be off the lake by 10am on Saturday morning.



We do not allow anglers to bring their own particles onto the fishery.


We do not allow anglers to bring Tigers onto the fishery.

All natural baits including maggots are not permitted throughout the season on the fishery.


  • The use of ANY PLASTIC HOOKBAIT is totally forbidden which includes using anything for tipping your baits! This rule has been implemented for the good of the fishery and long term welfare of the fish as any snapped off rig continues to fish long after a normal boilie would have broken down leading to the risk of fish trailing tackle.
  • You will be asked to declare any banned baits on your arrival. Failing to declare them at them at this point and later found within your possession/using you will be told to leave, therefore forfeiting your holiday and loss of all payments.
  • All swims to be left clean and tidy. If you leave rubbish – you will not be invited back!
  • In the event of any dispute – the onsite bailiff’s word will be final.
  • Any abusive language or threatening behaviour will lead to you being removed from the fishery instantly.

Anyone caught breaking the rules will be asked to leave immediately and the WHOLE group will then be banned from returning to the lake. WITH NO REFUND.

We wish you, and all anglers present, to enjoy a relaxing holiday in friendly and pleasant surroundings and hopefully to catch the fish of a lifetime – perhaps more. These rules are designed to encourage a first class trip for all.

Kind Regards

Lee and Gemma