1 No-mates

This is the last swim down along the left hand bank which is how it gets its name…’No Mates’ as you’ll have nobody walking past you for a chat or a brew!
The obvious area in front of this swim is the overhanging tree lined margin to your left on the bottom bank however there are various humps and bumps here which are worth seeking out.

1 No Mates2
1 No Mates 21

2 The Double

As the name suggests, this point in the centre of the lake will move than comfortably suit two anglers for those who enjoy some company. There is a broken bar towards the centre of the lake however creating ‘feeding spots’ nearer in by putting down a bed of bait and waiting for the fish to find it is a very effective method of catching from this peg.

2 The Double4
2 The Double 23

3 Jeffs

This is a new swim, having been closed for many years whilst under previous ownership, Jeff’s allows you to fish out towards the lodge which has a vast amount of water, as well as back down into a reed lined bay to your right.

3 Jeffs5

4a The Royal

The left hand of the two swims situated outside the lodge, The Royal Box overlooks the entire lake and features two deep gulley’s running close in that seem to be used by the carp as they move from Geoff’s across into the Bay area. Whilst this is a fully operational swim, it has been closed to increase the water accessible from Geoff’s.

4 The Royal7

4b The Lodge

The right swim in front of the lodge, it looks across at the Bay & Reeds swims. Again closed throughout the season, these swims are put aside for disabled anglers. The Lodge features a number of features including the continuation of the gullies that run round from the Royal Box as well as several bars and the back side of the plateaux.

4 The Lodge6

5 The Bay

This is the first swim along the right hand bank, this is another swim which is ideal as a double should friends wish to socialise. Controlling a vast amount of water in the bay and back into a heavily reeded margin to the left, this swim offers many features to go at, including one of deepest parts of the lake where it drops into 12’ plus, an area which often during the colder months.

5 The Bay 28
5 The Bay9

6 The Reeds

Situated right in the middle of the bay, this swim has reed beds either side, most anglers opt to fish straight out into open water however the fish are often seen showing in the margins so a stealthy approach and a carefully positioned bait close in can often produce some stunning results.

6 The Reeds11
6 The Reeds 210

7 No Carp Corner

This swim is situated just as you turn the corner heading towards the Point and allows you to fish back into the corner, an area when the fish are often seen as well as fishing back up into the bay if there is no one in the Reeds.

7 No Carp Corner214
7 No Carp Corner113
7 No Carp Corner12

8 The Point

This swims looks back towards the lodge and fishes towards the near side of the plateau as well as the two main bars which run up the centre of the lake. The left hand rod can also be very effective when fish at the bottom of the slope about two rod lengths out where it can intercept fish as they track around the corner under your near margin.

8 The Point15

9 The Inbetween

A highly productive swim that fishes straight out picking up the ends of the main bar along with a series of gravel humps and bumps. It also allows you to fish down towards the bottom bank if there is nobody fishing in the Snags!

10 - The Snags16

10 The Snags

The last swim on this bank, it is slightly more confined than the other swims but what it lacks in size it makes up for in features as it allows you to fish the snags and overhanging tree line along the bottom bank!

10 - The Snags16
10 - The Snags117